Thursday, February 12, 2009

Parents of Autistic Children: Avoiding Dangerous Treatments

For quite some time, Autistic children have been treated with certain prescription medications. While some of them may have improved many children’s symptoms, awareness is increasing of dangerous side effects and potential reactions to those medications. For parents who want to avoid the dangers of prescriptions and chemicals, there are many alternative treatments for Autism. Below, you will find some more information on avoiding dangerous treatments for Autism.

Cutting Out Certain Foods –

One method that is becoming more popular for parents of autistic children is cutting out certain foods. It is believed that some children with Autism experience sensitivity to certain foods – mainly those containing gluten and casein. These ingredients are most often found in wheat and dairy foods, although gluten can also be found in some spices and artificial flavorings.

Many parents have found that cutting these foods out of their Autistic child’s diet results in reduced symptoms, behavioral problems and other issues. If you want to start your child on a gluten and casein free diet, there are many recipes available – both on the internet and in specialized cook books. Although transitioning to this kind of diet can be difficult, it can also pay off in the long run.

Adding Foods or Vitamins –

Other research has linked reduced symptoms of Autism to certain foods, such as Omega 3’s and Vitamin B-12. This is a treatment parents can try without fearing adverse affects or side-effects from these vitamins. You can get Omega 3’s in fresh fish or you can choose to give your child a fish oil tablet to increase Omega 3’s. Vitamin B-12 is also available in a tablet form so your child can take it quickly and easily.

Vitamin B-12 can be found in foods such as lean meats and fish, seafood, eggs and yogurt. Since these foods are among favorites of children, most parents have no problem giving extra vitamins in this way. However, you will need to research or read labels closely if your child is also on a restrictive diet – such as the casein or gluten free diet.

Play Therapy – Play therapy is becoming more popular as well – and involves only playtime for your child, which makes you feel better. Typically, the play therapy will be watched over by the therapist or the parents of the autistic child and can be a wonderful way to strengthen certain skills and behaviors.

Basically, as the child plays, the parent or therapist learns what the child’s favorite toys and games are. They will play with the child and (in the case of a therapist – build a bond) use different toys and games to introduce new concepts to the child and teach him or her important skills.

The above treatments are a great way for the parents of autistic children to provide help to their children without risking their health with dangerous or potentially fatal side-effects. Do some research and learn what alternative treatments you can use to help your child and make sure to speak with your physician before starting or stopping any type of treatment with your Autistic child.

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