Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is There a Cure for Autism?

Many parents of Autistic children get discouraged when they hear that there is no actual cure for Autism. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that there aren’t many things you can do to help your child and yourself cope with autism. There are many different treatments that can help reduce the symptoms of autism and this can be wonderful for both you and your child. Below, you will find some of the popular treatments of Autism and how they can work.

Therapy or Counseling –

For individuals with different conditions that cannot be cured, the best thing that can happen is those individuals learning to cope with those conditions. This is exactly what happens when a parent places their autistic child in therapy or counseling. They can receive many different types of therapies which will help them deal with the limitations of autism in their daily lives including school, home, play, relationships, and more. Therapy is a great help to Autistic children and their families.

Holistic and Natural Treatments –

Many parents choose to treat their children with natural products rather than potentially harmful drugs or prescriptions. From herbs and supplements to other treatments, these types of options are very popular amongst families with an autistic child. There are many different natural products which have been proven effective against some symptoms of autism and they do not pose the threat to the individual the way chemicals and prescriptions can. Of course, it’s very important to speak with the child’s physician before starting him or her on any kind of herbal or natural treatment to ensure that it is safe. However, this can be a great resource of treatment for autistic children.

Diet –

Another great method of treatment is taking close look at your child’s diet and nutrition. Many parents have determined that some foods cause sensitivities in their Autistic child and by eliminating them, they can reduce some symptoms. The most common foods that are eliminated include those with gluten, casein and sugars. Although this is a difficult change to make in the life of a child, it can be well worth it if it helps to control issues related to autism.

While there is no cure for Autism, there are a number of things parents can do to help their children cope and live with Autism. From getting help with a therapist or counselor and experimenting with safe alternative treatments – to eliminating certain foods in the child’s diet, you may experience great success with these methods. Although you can’t cure your child’s autism, you can make it much more bearable!

Speak with your doctor today about the possibilities when it comes to treatment for Autism. Your doctor may help you determine the best possible treatment of Autism for your child so you can ensure that he or she is not held back from life with the symptoms this condition brings.

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