Thursday, January 22, 2009

Treatment Options for Autism

Many children with Autism are on a prescription medication to help control the symptoms they experience. However, as more and more parents become aware of potentially dangerous and even fatal side effects of prescription medications, the need for alternative treatment options for Autism has grown. Below, you will find some wonderful alternative treatments used for children with Autism.

Changes in Diet –

One of the alternative treatments that are becoming very popular is changes in the diet of Autistic children. It has been found that many children respond to certain diet changes; most commonly excluding gluten and casein from the diet. These are often found in wheat and dairy products and may cause sensitivity in some Autistic children. By eliminating these particular things from the diet of Autistic children, parents have seen a significant difference in behavioral problems and issues.

Another common change in diet includes adding fatty acids like Omega 3’s. This is commonly found in fish and fish oil and can have a profound effect on Autistic children. From being able to sleep better, interacting with others in a more positive way and just increasing the overall health of the child – it’s no wonder this alternative treatment is becoming so popular.

Music and Senses –

A few of the greatest forms of alternative treatment include using music and sounds. Music is a great way of relaxing a child with Autism and some children who will not even speak will sing with the music. This is a great way to further develop speech and to calm Autistic children. Other noises, tastes, smells and textures are also employed as forms of therapy for children with Autism – allowing them to relax, learn and further developmental skills.

‘Funtime’ Therapy –

One of the greatest ways to get Autistic children to learn to play with other children and other things is to employ ‘funtime’ therapy. A therapist or even the parent may start by simply playing with the child and his or her favorite toys until a bond is established and other children are introduced to the funtime activities. This is a wonderful way for a child with Autism to build up trust and learn social skills that are important for them.

There are many different kinds of alternative treatments for children with Autism. When parents do not want to risk dangerous side effects or reactions from chemicals and prescriptions, it’s great to know they have a long list of other options they can rely on for treatment of Autism.

Spend some time talking with your doctor about your treatment options and what your child may thrive with. You may also want to conduct some research on your own so that you can get an entire view of the options available to you. By doing this, you can make the best decision regarding treatment options for your Autistic child. This will give you peace of mind, knowing you’ve made an educated decision to help your child in any way that you can.

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